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Your Hearing Network (YHN) is an experienced hearing benefit administrator based in New Jersey that provides services and builds relationships nationwide that promote healthy hearing. Through our design partnership with Make Your Mark, Ahvay was able to elevate and expand their brand development services to an array of marketing clients including YHN. 

In 2019, YHN came to MYM for their professional branding services to help design a one-of-a-kind audiology conference that combined clinical, business development, and technology tracks into one experience. Since this was the first conference of its kind designed to uplift patients, practice owners, and health plan providers alike through innovative, industry technology and top notch professional insight, we decided to call the event Empower. 

Once the name was determined, we took a sharp, confident approach to the visuals aiming to infuse the branding with a fresh sense of excitement and whimsy to match its location at Disney World. Showcasing bold teals, geometric patterns, and lively, relatable images, the brand was applied to a robust website, event app, both print and digital marketing materials, digital ads, a social media campaign, and giant environmental graphic structures to seal off the look and feel of this event. 

Empower 2019 was a huge success motivating YHN to immediately sign us on for a second year of the event. After a year-long hiatus due to the COVID pandemic, Empower was ready to hit the ground running in 2021. This time, YHN envisioned hosting the conference in a high-end, desert resort allowing guests to sign up not only for professional development but also for a welcomed retreat after a long and difficult year. 

For us, this meant that the visual look and feel of the brand had to appeal not only as an educational conference but also a retreat from the stresses of the past year. We made slight adjustments to the recognizable Empower logo adjusting the color scheme to feature two tones of rich, muted gold reminiscent of rich desert landscapes. To maintain some continuity and familiarity from Empower 2019, we held on to slight touches of bright teal as well as upbeat, relatable photographs. The final result was polished, mature, and luxurious. 

As soon as marketing efforts were underway, COVID swept the nation again. The event organizers made the decision to shift the conference to a fully virtual event. So MYM and Ahvay kicked up the gears to match the changing tides. We quickly adjusted the images from resort shots to virtual event-based images and raced through the marketing copy to make any necessary changes without disrupting the luxurious brand appearance that had already been pushed out to the public.  

Our efforts paid off as Empower 2021 unfolded successfully as a fully virtual one-day learning event. Our number one goal is ALWAYS our clients’ success, and we are more than capable of adapting to changing circumstances and needs. We are resolute in our belief that no project’s destiny is set in stone and understand that the most value we provide to our clients can be the ability to shift courses for optimal results. We are always on our client’s team and our professional branding services are here for their success.

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