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Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company dedicated to improving well-being through their products and services. Since 2019, we have partnered with Calhoun Design and Associates to bring innovative solutions to the Health and Medical Solutions family of brands within Essity including Jobst, TENA, Delta Cast, Leukoplast, Actimove, Cutimed, and Essity corporate. 

We built the foundation for this successful relationship by building a social media presence for TENA Professionals that significantly grew their brand awareness and marketing abilities. TENA Professional's Linkedin and Facebook audience grew by 3,000+ users, and created 100,000+ impressions. As a result of that pilot program's success, we expanded our reach throughout the Essity corporation providing brand development serveces for internal programs, robust interactive booklets to aid with internal communication, and Amazon A+ content for B2C sales. We also designed fully custom internal websites as well as customized Microsoft Sharepoint sites to streamline internal onboarding processes. 

Another hugely impactful project that Ahvay created for Essity and its family of brands was the professional branding, marketing, and full production of the Essity Skin Health & Hygiene Virtual Expo completed during the peak of the COVID pandemic. Like many other companies throughout the world, Essity was hit hard by the pandemic. Their original business model depended heavily on sales from in-person brand reps, leaving a gigantic gap in brand and revenue growth for 2020. 

The Ahvay team, along with Calhoun Design & Associates, dove in headfirst to find a way to digitize the brand representation that Essity customers grew to expect at their front door. Our team conducted in-depth market research on a multitude of digital experiences to create the perfect fit for the Essity HMS family of brands: the Essity Skin Health & Hygiene Virtual Expo. 

Our team created a unique look for the event that successfully took on the challenge of staying within Essity brand guidelines (including the family of separate brands), showcasing the longer-than-usual event name, and seamlessly translating into French for the company's French Canadian audience. 

Once we had a look, we created a robust marketing plan including design and delivery of both paid and organic social media ads, email marketing, partnered email marketing, and banner ad design and placement. Along with the marketing effort, our team designed and produced the entire interactive event environment along with the registration website. The interactive environment consisted of a lobby for users to navigate their way through the event, an auditorium users could sit in on live presentations by industry experts, 2 expo halls where users from both the US and Canada could choose between a collection of booths offering information on various practice areas and brands, 9 individual booths where users could download information or elect to speak to a representative, and a breakout room where casual discussion could take place between users and panelists.  

The Essity Skin Health & Hygiene Virtual Expo proved to be a great success with over 1500 attendees and invaluable brand exposure at a time with not much mobility otherwise. More importantly, the expo reflected that we could successfully brand and market Essity and its brands’ evolving business models in the midst of the global pandemic–keeping sales high and momentum up. 

Following the success of the virtual expo, we were given the opportunity to create branding, and a interactive website for the Essity Distinction sales program, a custom Microsoft Sharepoint site and accompanying booklet for the new Essity onboarding program, and a large scale interactive course catalog and calendar for the new Essity Education program.

Essity has been able to rely on us and build trust that our professional branding services will always have their long and short term goals at the top of our priority list. We pride ourselves in being able to adjust where needed and learn new technologies to cater to our clients ever adapting needs. Our team is constantly learning and expanding our skill set so that we can overcome any barrier to our clients’ success. 

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